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This programme of experimental research funded by the Food Standards Agency, under the Organic Environmental Contaminants research programme,aims to investigate under controlled conditions the transfer of organic contaminants to milk due to dairy cattle ingesting recycled waste materials used as bedding or as soil conditioner on pasture.

We also examine the uptake of organic contaminants by carrots and cereals grown in soil amended with waste-derived soil conditioners.

What is the Project about

A variety of waste materials are recycled in agriculture with the benefit of reducing pressure on virgin resources. Recycled waste materials, such as untreated waste wood shavings or paper sludge from paper recycling mills, can be effectively used as animal bedding in livestock production.

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Who we are

Picture of the Project Team and Project Officers, taken at FERA Ltd, York

Imperial College London Consultants Project Director: Professor Stephen R Smith BSc PhD C.WEM CIWEM CIWM CEnv A Professor of Bioresource Systems in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London, Professor Smith has 30 years experience of leading and completing high quality, applied research on the treatment and agronomic properties of sludges and organic wastes recycled to land and their environmental impact, including nutrients, potentially toxic elements, organic contaminants and pathogens.

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inaugural Nordic Phosphorus Conference, 27th October

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